Sosnovka Storage addon deluxe v2.0

Sosnovka storage addon is my better version of adding storage to Sosnovka map.
The addon on gives you storage for straw grass silage forage chaff and separate storage for manure and liquidManure.
Mods for bales included, fermenter to turn straw into grass silage, digital meters, nice wall around the roadside of the farm.
Wool pallet collector, garage with auto rollup doors, storage building has wire netting on one side and glass windows in.

pinguar marhu farmer andy pandy – 61.1 MB

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  1. Mike says:

    My friend the trigger for log selling is small, so I’ve wasted way too much time to find a trailer that can be unloaded when it is parked in selling area. It’s a shame , because the map is beautiful and I love it.

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