Version 2.1
Sosnovka Addon This is for the storage of straw grass forage Chaff add silage and manure with the conveyor belt and is a convert unloading of bales to allso liqudmanure stoage and wool range Collectors next sheep field düngen.Compost Master toward assembled railway line with train and barriers with function as the original features have in addon no Colli. What is the CompostMaster? The CompostMaster is a composting facility based on the script of Marhu FermentingSilo. What makes the CompostMaster? The CompostMaster converts fruit to compost, the compost can then present on sale triggers are turned into cash. The purpose of it is to make money. What type of fruit produced the CompostMaster? The CompostMaster produced compost_soil on good German compost.
What fruit does the CompostMaster? The CompostMaster can be filled with the following fruits. potato, sugarbeet, chaff, silage, grass, grass_windrow, dryGrass_windrow wheat_windrow, barley_windrow, woodchips, compost_soil, manure Preset values ​​of CompostMaster: Capacity: 100000 liters Manufacturing: 50000 per hour to be output of fruit: compost_soil

BaleToManure script by rafftnix
DigitalAmountMover by VIPDani
MapSiloBand by Marhu
Design by pinguar
Raptor 5 (Radio Tower)
iacappo1977 (rusty bridge v 1.0)
Ideas and Designs
Fermenting Silo script: Marhu
Eckki (elektrichka)
Sven777b (scripts railroad crossing)
Pfreek (railroad crossing) – 104.6 MB

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