Sprayers Pack 18000L


Amazone Sprayer
Amazone Sprayer Camo
John Deere 4730 Sprayer

All three now hold 18,000L and work at 20km/h
Working width is 40M

All credites go to the original modders / designers / creators. All I did was some small edits

Uploadas: Sprayers_pack_UNZIP_ME.zip – 44.4 MB
Uploadfiles: Sprayers_pack_UNZIP_ME.zip – 44.4 MB

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2 Responses

  1. john says:

    I’m having issues with this mod, I have unzipped the file and placed in my mod folder like I do for all of the other mods downloaded before but none of the sprayers show up any suggestions or help out there for this problem?

  2. berkan says:

    ı have the same issue that john had mentioned

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