Stationary Hacker v1.0 BETA


This placeable hacker logs can be processed quickly and inexpensively into wood chips.
To operate only the diesel tank must be filled.

Data sheet:
8000 liter diesel tank
10000 liters storage chips
You get 95% of the strains as wood chips out again.

Values ??are deliberately kept small because the hacker should be used only as a commodity and not as a “warehouse”.
If you want to install the hacker with the GE, please observe this contribution: and mentioned me in the credits.

Marhu – FabrikScript v1.4.3-459
112TEC – Maschendrahtzaun v1.0
The Matrixer – Plattentextur
Ein großes Dankeschön an PowerPeter008 für die Texturierung der Platte. – 9.3 MB

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4 Responses

  1. kristoffer says:

    Hey, how do i fill this with fuel?

  2. Andrew says:

    Bring a fuel trailer to it.

  3. kristoffer says:

    I have tried, but have no way of getting it transfered over. Tha saw blades are running tho, but it wont hack up any timber that gets put in it.

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