Steiger Tiger KP 525 v1.0

Presenting one of the mighty giants from days long ago, the Steiger Tiger IV was the largest Steiger tractor ever produced and packed an impressive 525 horsepower thanks to a Cummins 1150 engine and was delivered via an Allison transmission.
A next comparable machine would be entering into the Big Bud range of machines.

Don’t expect any fancy frills or gadgets, as with any one of my releases, but a solid workhorse awaits. Expect to see a CASE IH 9190 and Titan STR-525 version of the KP525 as well at a later date.

Feel free to edit and improve to your liking, but please provide credit where it is due for the original models and edits from FS09/11/13


HD Designs, balogh2003, Greasersnoopy

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3 Responses

  1. Abogad says:

    Hello I got this mod and when ever I buy the tractor it crashes my game I was wondering if the modder had any insight or if any one else had this problem?

  2. Michael Baier says:

    Just awesome! Only thing I would change is find a better sound file. It doesn’t sound like a Steiger. Other than that. Great Mod!

  3. JT says:

    Crashes mine too, its a shame, it looks very cool

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