Steyr 8090 SK2 Texturen Pack v1.0


Hello, yesterday I was bored and then I have three different textures to suit made for the Steyr 8090a SK2 Turbo Electronics. 🙂 I’m habs tried to do as much as possible with paint. net, I know that it is perfectly nich but oh well.

Are included;
A “noraml” (red / white) texture on work.
An “exclusive” (black / silver) texture should be but it is quite difficult to bring home a matching silver tone.
A “local” (orange) texture.

You have to unzip the downloaded file and the 2 folders (texture and wheels) of the desired texture in the Steyr 8090a SK2 Turbo Electronic Mod pure copy / replace. That’s it.

Matching Tractor: Steyr 8090a SK2 Turbo Electronic:
Is nothing special, but I wish you much fun with it.

MB 3D Modelling
STEYR Modding

Steyr8090_NORMAL_Textur.rar – 17.8 MB

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