Steyr 8090a Trubo SK2 Electronic V 1.0




Hello, here we introduce (unknown000, steyr modder, Domi) from STEYR Modding Team for Farming Simulator 2015 mods, you Steyr 8090a SK2 Trubo from the Community project “Alpine farming for disposal ..

Steyr 8090a SK2 Turbo Electronic:

Year 1989 Engine: WD 411.90;. ~ 3.5l 4cylinder with turbochargers. Speed: 40 kmh weight 3660 kg, FH + FZ, EHR (Electronic Hitch; Optical only)

IC control
Swing axle
Animated speedometer, fuel and temperature gauge (also illuminated)
Door to open / close (from the outside), press the R
FL-console / degradable (from the outside), press the R
Front fender on / degradable (from the outside), press the R
FH-link arms on / degradable (from the outside), press the R
Work light, front / rear on / off button 5/6
New Steyr 4cylinder sound (is a 8090a SK1)

A FL + tools purchasable twin wheels and Buyable snow chains are later submitted soblads’re done.

Thanks to all the users regelmäißig on Facebook (STEYR Modding) in our polls and participate, and unterstüzen us with data, images, etc.

PS: A V2 will not come as fast as my colleague and main Umbauer unknown000 busy working on the other projects. Werkt 8120a Steyr 8130A Turbo Turbo SK1 and SK2)

For Pflugmod:
which is already possible but NOT with “real” weight – which then means that the Trekker good 35000 kg and more weighs in even though the only example of the 8080 yes 3300 kg should have ..
all you have to then nachjustiern on the performance / power otherwise the set with genuine eg 72 hp does not move from the spot ..


STEYR Modding

B 3D Modelling
unknown000 (STEYR Modding)
steyrmodder (STEYR Modding)
Domi (STEYR Modding)
Gijs Krol
RivalBomb – 26.5 MB

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