Straw hay V 2.0


version 2.0
Trigger revised: most followers can now be used for charging (if it can load the crop), it can now also mixer feeders !, be loaded directly under the gaps are only 2 types of fruit stored (grass and straw) convert the trigger drygrass (hay) and barley straw now automatic. in grass or wheat straw This compatibility is increased with the supporters and the cows in the game it does not matter whether they get to eat grass or hay. But you can still unload and hay and barley straw. It can be incorporated now the standard bale. The capacity of the bales will be deducted from the volume of the warehouse. You can not round bales can be stored, Währe a bit unrealistic to get through the window. It has a graphical display built to a survey of the quantities without having to use F1 textures changed anything: customized sizes

Nico Angeles – 7.1 MB

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