Stroholm v1.1 Multifruit






Servus LS community,
I would like to ask you here my extended standard map is available.
The Bjorn spar like that of all Giants tickets best so far, so I did not have time to rebuild so much.
The changes are of course not please everyone, maybe I can still make some pleasure.

+ Pig
+ Cattle fattening
+ Sheep can not run anymore
+ Seed and fertilizer remain dry now
+ Conveyor belts for wood chips and manure
+ WaterMod
+ Chopped Straw
+ Lime slurry manure Mod
+ PDA new
Increased + swath
+ Only 30 fields
+ Annoying fences removed
+ Many little things changed or improved (just try it!)

Required Mods:
– JoskinBetimaxRDS 7500 v3.1
– GuelleMistKalkModPack_LS15
– Chopped Straw–2

– Multifruit im LS 15 Standard aus der MIG-Map (Bullgore)
– Multifruit-Texturen (Eribus)
– Multifruit-Script (Jakob Tischler, upsidedown)
– Bodentexturen (ZeFir), V 1.1 (Geneborg)
– Schweinemast, Rindermast (Script: Marhu, Gebäude: dtmaster)
– Unterstand (mailman)
– WaterMod (Marhu)
– Gülle Mist Kalk Mod (Marhu, Kolbenfresser, Hatzfan)
– Chopped Straw (webalizer)
– MapSiloBand (Marhu)
– Manual Barrier (Blacky_BPG)
– Lagerhalle (mariodieck)
– V 1.1 Pferd (Luculus)

Sharemods: – 244.9 MB
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