SudThuringen Map V1.5

Opening doors with “Map Door” Trigger – – Large main courtyard (administration & Plant Production) – Large workshop fertilizer and seed storage – Laundry
Opening doors with “Map Door” Trigger – – dairy plant with BGA – 3 stables warehouses – 3 silos for grass and maize

Village Fuchstal
– Farm equipment dealers (LTZ) – Ripe iron (grain sales) – Train Station (grain sales)
-Gas station
Village Sülzfeld
– Cattle fattening
Village Lalenstadt
– Deuka sales outlet
Leave central warehouse –
Village Wölferbütt
– Outdoor location of 2 silos
Village Oechsen
Village Turmgut
– Motocross track
Village Gehaus
– Edeka eggs for delivery
Village Sorghof
– Fleischer


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    map is veri good

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