When Sunschine Map is reflecting a portion of the southern Brandenburg is a four compartment Map, on the map you are a small and a large courtyard. These two courtyards you can manage 51 fields from 0.35 to 117 hectares and some meadows and forests.

In the cattle market at the station you can get your calves for a total of 4 cattle plants buy, also the railway station, the butchery next to the station are you still the country trade, the Eifok country trade, the mill, the guest Tate, a sugar factory and the sawmill available about your products to make money.

For the production of renewable energy you are the BGA and the biomass cogeneration plant available, there are ready-made places where you can place your wind power plants.

The nursery can accommodate your greenhouses because you can also tree seedlings for reforestation Buy. Of course you can with your generated wool money in weaving make, food and water to get the sharpness in the sheepfold of power74de.

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