T-25 RED


Mod “Tractor T-25 Red” for Farming Simulator 2015 – A very good mod domestic tractor T-25 for Farming Simulator 2015. A small but very usable vehicle is able to serve the needs of small and medium-sized farms in the game.

The vehicle left the assembly line for the first time a domestic plant in 1966. Meanwhile, it comes on the market to this day. The main color of the T-25 tractor for Farmer Simulator 2015 – red. This makes it particularly noticeable in the thick green grass or on the yellow field. From under the wheels flying dust, visible deep marks on the ground. Tractor cast realistic shadows, lighting works on hurray.

One of the features of the tractor T-25 is a very decent travel speed – 46 km / h. You can find the same fashion of the tractor, which moves much slower – 25-30 km / h. Also, the developers were able to realize this mod animations of smoke from the exhaust pipe.


T_25.zip – 29.8 MB

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