T800 Service Truck v2

This is my edit of the service truck.. This truck has errors which i will post because FUCT’D modding has no idea what they are doing so i made this mess pink and am releasing it without the errors fixed so everyone can see how stupid these wanna be modders are so enjoy!

Warning: Missing l10n for button WEIGHT_ACTIVE_FIAT in T800ServiceTruck
Error: UVs out of range [-8,8] ID2623′
Warning (LUA): Argument to method ‘setVisibility’ is nil
— from D:/code/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua:535
Warning (LUA): Argument to method ‘setVisibility’ is nil
— from D:/code/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua:541
Warning (LUA): Argument to method ‘setVisibility’ is nil

there is more errors that pop up as you are using.

Thomas for the cab, Duramax_Nation for the bed

KW_T800_TriAxle_Sleeper.zip – 82.5 MB

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  1. Bean says:

    I wish someone would fix this or the original. I love the game and enjoy the mods folks come up with, however I myself have no clue how to do the work myself..

    Any help thanks

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