Tasmania – Australia v1.0

so after 2 months of doing the map and losing interest i decided to finish this one off,

would like to thank Steve from Hobgoblin Modding for his help with the start and restart points and some other smaller stuff on the map that i missed. also would like to thank the ATS team for supplying the trucks and trailers for the map

if any errors are found please message the page ( AP Modding )


AP Modding, ATS, Hobgoblin modding, Aus Three Dee Trucks

Tasmania_Australia_v1_UNZIP_ME.zip – 899.3 MB

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2 Responses

  1. patrick.carr says:

    Great map! Funny thing is I live in Tasmania , The only thing i need to mention with the trucks, the trailers dont have the hoists when the dumper trailers unload. But anyway good job on the map.

  2. b.beach says:

    Absolutely stunning map, and what’s better is that it’s an Australian map. Good to see people making beautiful and accurate maps of Australia.

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