What map includes:
– One farm
– Cows, chickens, sheep
– Watering cows, sheep, chickens
– Feeding chickens
– Chicken coop near the hens lay eggs
– The sale of eggs
– Feeding the cows in the barn
– Making the barn
– Acting manure
– Supersilo
– Filling the drill in the barn
– Fertilizers
– Lime
– Silage
– Grass fed cows, sheep
-pastwiska cows, sheep
– Shop Agroma
– Purchase of cereals: wheat, barley, canola, corn
– Purchase of beet and potatoes on the economy next to bags for potatoes
– Purchase of wool
– Liquid manure near the barn
– Potatoes and beets need to immediately sell or use the module where you want to pour
– Wool around the pasture
– Filling the barrel near the house
– Manure v2
– Urine v2
– Lime v2
– Mod chopped
– Trigger a shop in which you can sell the same machine
– Reset machines
– Several machines to start
– Dirt roads
– Pedestrians
– Traffic
– An interesting area
– Added some trees to cut,
– The seedlings will appear near the shop
– In the shop Agroma icon where you can buy seedlings
– Can be planted new trees in place of the old
– Purchase of wood and chip
– Open the gate and gate at about (non-zero)
and much more

And I guess that’s it. Permission from the author came off, for which I thank you.
Please Collect the original link, I know you uploaded, but it motivates me. The more downloads, the more new maps. Respect my work, to convert the map does not last one day so … With the recent maps were few images, I hope that this will change and motivate me to work even a little

FS 15: mati4895

TBPM.rar – 102.4 MB

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