Terrain and Dirt Control v1.0

This mod adds two effects to the game;
– bouncing shock-absorbers & wheels, depending on the terrain driving on,
– mud holes, which causes vehicles to slow down and possibly get stuck (requires prepared maps though).

Some may already know of these effects from the mod-map ‘The Gifts Of Caucasus’ made by S.W.I.K. modding team.

How to use
Just copy this mod ZIP-file into your MODS folder, and you will automatically get the bouncing shock-absorbers & wheels effect, when you play the game.
However, for the mud holes you need to use specifically prepared maps to be able to see/experience the effect. – There are instructions within the ZIP file, for how you can prepare a mod-map for it. Look in the TUTORIAL folder within the ZIP-file.
Please use the proper support-topic for any questions and/or problems.

Note / Warning
Some map-mods may contain embedded and old versions of this mod’s script-files. – This will most likely cause conflicts!
Map-authors are adviced to REMOVE whatever they may have embedded of old scripts, and instruct players to just download this global-script mod.
There may be future bug-fixes, optimizations and additions to this global-script mod, so map-authors MUST NEVER attempt to embed these scripts into their map-mod, as that will prohibit players from updating to newer/future versions of this global-script mod.

Igor29381, S.W.I.K. modding team – Script and concept.
Gonimy Vetrom – Russian tutorial.
Decker_MMIV – English tutorial and minor script optimization.

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