Terras Do Paiva Map V 2.0





Welcome to the Terras do Paiva map, here is an average hotel, with average 8 courses, a large forest, BGA, and other diversions.
A map made entirely from scratch, so it lacks some functions, but something that will be resolved in a future map.
The Land of Paiva, It’s a Great map for those who like to play in Singleplayer or for those who like to play multiplayer on a smaller map.
Have fun to play as much as I had fun building the map for 3 months

Version 2.0
Be Welcome to the Land of Paiva V2, now a little wider, larger fields and a farm with more space. New additions: . sale bales . new silos on BGA . new manure site . new barracks . textures on potatoes / sugar beets site . new paths . price issue and size of the fields . traffic signs . new chicken site


TerrasDoPaivaV2.zip – 373.6 MB

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