Tigercat 880 Processor v1.0

Simply wanted to improve an existing mod to my personal taste and interests to better suit my play style and hopefully others will find it useful.
I take zero credit for the models and parts provided by FDR Logging and Bandit Modding that I have used.
I have partially re-scaled and corrected minor appearance issues, in my opinion, with the Tigercat 875 Log Loader to better represent an 880 set up with a Southstar style processing head.
Machine will cut 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, and 14m lengths with plenty of boom length to sort and process on a variety of landings or reach trees easier while harvesting on the move.
I have also re-configured cutter controls to be mouse-controlled versus keyboard for those of us who don’t use joysticks. Head tilt / rotation / turn and open/close are now all controlled with left and right mouse buttons.

FDR Logging and Bandit Modding

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