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The Windows Timer As A (Detachable) Performance Brake In Games

The Windows operating system uses an internal timer, waiting for the execution of new tasks within the time period. That period is 15,6ms not just long: it ranges for 64 actions per second, making it but for the normal activities of an operating system perfectly adequate. In games Operating However, problems arise because fast systems often can calculate much more frames per second, the Windows timer but limited to 64 actions per second. Above all, pushes the Windows timer pointless waiting times, the images produced are therefore issued at unequal times and thus partly perceived as choppy.

Therefore put games for a long time the Windows timer for the duration of the game to 1ms down or use your own timer API with even lower values. In 1ms as 1000 actions per second are possible, what the framerate is not artificially limited and does not lead to unnecessary delays. Sorry, forgot apparently from and to the game developers down the reduction of the Windows timer, or that does not work due to a bug. The same was the time when Crysis 3 of the case and now appears again in Far Cry 4 (Windows 7) to occur (as you can see, the PCGH has much earlier with the problem concerned). The effects of concern rather CPU-limited scenes, but there can be loose and can easily cost 20% of the possible performance. Even more problematic are also perceived choppy images despite nominally high frame rate, which may occur with this error.

By means of which one can force Windows to a lower timer permanently. The permanent establish a lower timer seems to have no adverse effect – the current default value of 15,6ms is more likely because even an old, never changed attitude on the part of Microsoft to be. It makes sense, the “Windows System Timer Tool” in any case when using Crysis Far Cry 3 and 4 on Windows 7. Generally considered the problem but also appear in other games and the solution is harmless as I said – ergo can be the tool also schedule throughout as a preventive measure. Update: This obviously applies to Windows 7, Windows 8 is the Windows timer by default even at 1ms (which of course you can still control by means of the tool).


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