TLF20 / 40 SL Skin v1.0

Servus people.
This is “our” 2 high Loaded Mod. This is a SKIN for the TLF 20/40 sl of Fire Technology.
You just have the textures in the existing here Zip are exchange against the original from the Mod.
I must say that this is really only the TEXTURES are and not the whole mod! The complete Mod is it
never give in the version of my design teams to download!
Of course, I love the c0br4 asked if I may make skins for download.
I got a Posizive answer. If you do not remember c0br4 I am the LSFW skins.
I asked you in one of your streams, and you said “if it’s only the skins yes”
So I ask you this post not to Haten etc.

Textur: LS-Fire-Design feat c0br4
Idee / Konzept: LS-Fire-Design

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