Large John Deere Stackmover V 1.0

This is the large John Deere stackmover. It has a capacity of 20 bales if stacked correctly. All the bales stay loaded on the trailer when game is saved and closed with the trailer loaded. It’s an older bale transport trailer, not many of these are used anymore today but before semi’s and flatbed trailers this is what was used. I know this will be on many other mod sites besides what I upload to so PLEASE KEEP ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION AND CREDITS!!! I will provide mod support only to American Eagles Modding, Kraft Farms Modding, and Modhoster as those are the only websites I am uploading it to. If you download anywhere else and have issues then download from one of the three sites listed
Thanks to Farmerboy69 for giving permission to use his wheels
Multiplayer Compatible
Locking Script
AO Textures and Spec Maps all of which are in .DDS format
Tire tracks
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Model: Kraft Farms Modding
Textures: Kraft Farms Modding, Blender, And Photoshop
Script/In-game: Kraft Farms Modding And LMB Farmer
Wheels: Farmerboy69
Multiplayer Testing: Kraft Farms Modding & LMB Farmer

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