Transport Pack V2

This is my version of the Transport Pack by Silja88. He gave permission as shown here in the comments in link above.

I fixed a few things and added dirt textures to the truck, dolly and lowboy trailer. All set to 50 minutes.
On the truck the paint was changed, a few interior textures were changed, added LED blinkers and beacons, changed the angle of the mirrors.
The dolly, I added diamond plate, added collisions to try and fix the front from sinking into the ground after buying it, I think it works ok! I also added lights, blinkers and beacons.
Lowboy trailer, added 2nd beacon and flashers (that was already their, just hidden) Added round LEDs for the flashers, adjusted the collisions to be more level with the bed of the trailer.

The dirt texture is not perfect, and only set to about 83% on all 3 mods, any more than that, and I thought it looked bad. Wheels don’t get dirty at all, cause it didn’t look good.

I think thats it. Leave a comment and let me know what you think or if anything needs fixing?

Silja88 Original mod.
Fixed and modded by Mote454

openme.rar – 50.8 MB

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5 Responses

  1. jared says:

    how come the transport pack 2 wont download

  2. jared says:

    it wont download as a zip file

  3. stephen says:

    it would make sense to put it in a zip folder instead of WinRAR. I would use this lowboy a lot if I could use it

  4. maxim says:

    (fr) le dolly a un bug de transparence et il ne reste pas debout.
    j’aurais aimé que la remorque sois en 2 morceaux pour plus de réaliste.
    la remorque est vraiment super. beau travail
    Mais j’espère qu’il va y avoir une version amélioré

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