-39 fields with a total of 250Ha
-3 farms
-beef and pig fatning
-An agricultural contractor location
-Big BGA
-Compost master
-Potato washer
-Milk Max
-Huge forrest area
-Nice small village of tunxdorf
-beautiful landscape with lots of details
-lots of places to sell your goods
-more terrain angles to give the fields a more realistic look
-fillable Liquid manure storage basin’s
-Mod has 2 seperate Maps , a Normal/GMK version and a Soilmod version
-Maps are choppedstraw ready
-Maps have alot of Buyable objects

-Tunxdorf V3 comes with 2 maps in the same mod.
Because some players like the casual game play of the original game and some players want Hardcore realism.

-Tunxdorf Normal GMK (Gulle Mist und Kalk) Version
This is the normal version of the map with added texture layers for Liquid/Solid manure and Lime.
This map is also Chopped straw ready.
For this map u will need the GuelleMistMod.zip (included in Modpack) for it to work like intended.

-Tunxdorf Soilmod Version
This is the Soilmod version of the map with extra texture layers and realistic soil conditions.
This map is also Chopped straw ready.
For this map u will need the SoilManagement.zip (included in Modpack) for it to work like intended.

-Important notice!
To prevent possible bugg’s from occurring use either GuelleMistMod.zip or SoilManagement.zip at one time.
If you have both of them at the same time in your modfolder texture bugg’s may occur!

-Change logg V3.0

-Now features 2 maps, a normal/GMK version and a Soilmod version
-Fixed all the field ownership bugg’s (hopefully)
-Added new watermod.lua to fix animal menu’s overlapping.
-Added missing fertilizer trigger at main farm.
-Fixed cow’s standing still in barn and field
-Mixfeeder now buy-able
-Added allot of other buy-able stuff like Potato-washer, Mixing-station, Milkmax ,hardpoints garage trigger, etc……
-Added Milk trigger
-Added Hardpoints garage trigger at Agravis shop
-A lot of texture changes (buildings mostly)
-moved agri farm compost storage next to feed storage
-Reverted back to old Liquid manure basin trigger (now MP compatible but will need kotte universal tanks to fill and unload.)
-removed lighting system in buildings (was not working for some players)
-Fixed pine tree’s not having branches( possible giants editor save bugg)
-Multiple map changes
-Multiple building changes

First off all I would like to thank every on that voted for my map in the Modcontest
map by Mythic

I would special like to give thanks and credit to all the awesome modders who made this map possible.
Fatian Jakob Tischler Luxfarm
Niggels El Cid Fendtfan1
Team LTW Spartan_6 Andrei Valentin
Mailman Upsidedown Nick98.1
Vertex design Tackleberry Vanillaice83
Patii Petorious Vnsfdg2
Marhu Xentro
Farmer_Andy De verspeelten Jungs
CebuljCek Blacky_BPG
Dutch Agricultural Modelling Giants
Ni modding Decker_MMIV
Eifok Team Bluebaby210
Freelance Modding Crew Softfox
Webalizer_ls BigM
Geneborg M4pj3cts
Steffen30muc Timber 131
Seba j Manni_112
I hope i didn’t forget anybody otherwise i still want to say Thanks because i appreciate all your work.
Special thanks to
Bluebaby210 for the great help with the animation of the Mixfeeder.
And special thanks to, for helping me with great ideas for the map and with all the testing.
Bounzzy (Mythic Modding Team)
Gijsbert (FS-C.nl)

Tunxdorfmodcontest2015v3_unpack.zip – 501.4 MB

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