Tyrolean Alps Map V 1.3

Version 1.3
-new terrain and foliage textures and grass, and rock texture – some new items were installed: new second barn on the farm – Terrain was adapted to steep slopes – Access road to the farm has been improved – Cable car at the court was moved – new fields were created – new texture on the trees – entrance in the rear valley near the farm was enlarged – and much more …

Map: South Tyrolean
Script Installation: South Tyrolean
Tester: South Tyrolean
Slurry / lime / Mistmod: TMT / Marhu
ChoppedStraw: webalizer
Wassermod: Marhu
mast systems: Marhu
composting plant: Marhu
LiftMaster: vanillaice83
forest lease: upsidedown
Giants: various buildings and decorative objects
Buschi: various tools , Forestry signs, log set
Börndi: Power House
mailman: barns, loading docks
Chefkoch_LS: Blitzer
KA88: barriers
Wellano920: fertilizer, fuel drums, seed
TakerMaco: Power House
bgo1973 / straightener Jack: alfalfa
MartinbigM: Mobile Home
Jauch Paule: Radio Tower, workshop equipment
Steffen30muc: lime / fertilizer warehouse, BGA silo
VertexDezign : machine shops, grain storage
Fendtfan1: Ball Hall, dunghill farm
Wellano920: Ambience Sound Pack V1
South Tyrolean: Models on the farm, pastures, ski resort, and much more …
As Bua: Prepare some models
ModsWanted / mailman: Mountains
Nick98.1: Road signs pack

TirolerAlpenweltFinal.zip – 560.3 MB

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