Unna Map V 3.1 MF



1.) The entrances and exits on the Hofparkplatz improved 2.) The chicken farm repaired at Mistsilo the trigger again found 3.) The Lumberjack team Joe Bennett has settled in the forest 4.) At the feed store the tapes reinstated (player option) 5 .) the Anton Wollett storage company is now in Unna 6) the manual on new Fimenzweige extended 7.) Some textures revised, please .grle exchange files 8.) the rotors of wind turbines now work again 9.) the prices and list PDA corrected and supplemented 10.) Optimized, corrected and updated all outlets


unna2015Updatev31.zip – 555.9 MB

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4 Responses

  1. Maryjusz says:

    nice map, how to use maps in english?

  2. Maryjusz says:

    how to use maps in English?

  3. Lancerx777 says:

    My favourite map!!! Please, make inscriptions in English!!!

  4. Johan Burger says:

    Hi, like the map! Please make it English.

    Can somebody please help me with a link to trailers that can load everything on the map? Ex, Liquid egg, sugar, bread,flour, pallets and all the oil products

    Where do you get the hops for the brewery?

    How do you get the mill to make flour?

    How do you get the Bakery to make bread?

    Any help would be appreciated

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