Ursus C360 by NAGLAK


It seems you Naglak 🙂 authors: Marcello1942, Rolnik7245 Asd4 eloelo52i0
Texture ls 13 eloelo52i0
LS 15 Rolnik7245 Edit: Ximek
Bans: Ban change link
The ban further editing
slightly underdeveloped (WAGA)

Marcello1942, Rolnik7245 Asd4 eloelo52i0

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5 Responses

  1. Mateusz Paluch says:

    do be moze byc

  2. elostasiek says:


  3. dawid123 says:

    Ten traktore jest zahjebisty musze go mieć

  4. dawid says:

    fajny ursus i go chce

  5. koscieszooo says:

    nice !

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