Vakutec Light 18500T v1.0

Hello, today I want to introduce you to my Vakutec Light 18500T Liquid manure spreader available.
It is the “original Zunhammer” barrel from LS 15 with a different skin.

There was even a control panel (monitor / control) built and equipped with level indicator.
The monitor is additionally illuminated. (See pictures)
Thanks again to Unguided (FBM) for FillLevel lua.!

To use the monitor or to see the tractor must be a tractor with the ControlPanelattacher lua. be equipped !!!
You can watch the easily build itself in eueren tractor. Here I recommend you to the side of Forbidden Mods to look:
Beautiful 4th Advent


Giants,Oxidizer,Unguided,CryteX – 5.5 MB

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