Want to add a garden decoration at your HQ or other locations on your map? This is a simple diffuse for unregistered, paintable vegetables and allows you to plant five fruits on one sublayer. This is for map makers; it will not work by placing the file in your mods folder.

NOTE: Being unregistered means it will not show up in your Fruit Menu and you cannot harvest and sell them. If you do register them, you will see a different vegetable at each different growth state.

1) Add the diffuse file to your foliage folder in the textures folder in your map.
2) Open map in notepad++ and add foliage sublayer, material and files.
3) Open map in GE and check scripting area for errors. Check to see if the layer loaded in the foliage layer drop-down menu.
4) Paint some flowers
— cabbage (channels 2+3+4+5)
— radish (channels 2+3+5)
— onion (channels 2+3+6)
— carrots (channels 2+3+4+6)
— celery (channels 2+3+7)

Giants FSUK Dorset Pleasant Valley 2 JDMFARMS

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