FDR Logging – Machine Update 2.0

– All machines are lighter
– All machines have much better speed, torque and control with the track system
– Weight balances have been made to make them more realistic
– All machines are now only 10$ at the store, this is for people starting a new game with no money cheat
– Better Grapples, Better Saws, Better Everything!
– See video for more info! https://youtu.be/r41vrk9Eq-4

First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil


Orginal Link: Download mod
Uploadfiles: FDR_Logging_-_Machine_Pack_2.0.zip – 254.1 MB

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2 Responses

  1. Melissa says:

    This helps me a lot

  2. jack says:

    i like them but i think you should have made them cost as much as you would expect machines like that to cost (a few hundred grand) cause it kinda ruins the fun of trying to save up for it and you should have made the swing arm forwarder articulate cause it looks really cheap and crappy when you see that the log bed doesn’t articulate. also with the cutter (featured in the bottom right corner of the picture) you can’t change the cut length on it

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