Since my Vogelsang SwingUp of akarvi liked it so much, and he has not written specially to the one must change it, I’ve made up my mind once more and a little bit tuned.
Thanks to akarvi for release that I can provide it for download.
So what has been done:
3D model revised, it is now correctly and completely washable and installed new Dirttextur
Inserted Parti Clean Imation to drag hoses
Hydraulic cylinders will now work with the flaps and hydraulic sound is also fixed
Inserted upper link mounting bracket
Lights installed (blinker light and brake light)
Price adjusted € 22,400
Slurry consumption increases, now needs 160l / second is I think realistically. If at 16km / h about 28Kubikmeter manure give up one hectare.
The Händling has changed due to the Parti Clean Imation a bit. Your proceeds as follows:
Attach linkage and select in the Device Selection
Lower linkage, no wonder it is only 1cm down, one can see the Parti Clean Imation better
Linkage turn and there you go.
Thanks to all modders who mitgarbeitet prior thereto. If all are in the credits.
Then have fun with it. I still have the explanation from the original of akarvi drangehängt.

MFG monteur1

Vogelsang_SwingUp15.zip – 9.9 MB

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