Warmińskia Wieś Map v1.1


Authors: – buying-2

– 2 villages
– 2 economy (one less for ursuówi bison 🙂 and one more for John Deerów)
– Mod lime, manure and manure v2
– Mod chaff
– Cows, chickens, sheep and water mod for all pets.
– Pushed manure
– Transport of milk (możeny themselves carry milk to the dairy, if someone does not want to milk it sells itself automatically at 0:00

– Very varied terrain (hills, wells, etc.
– Polish climate
– The doors opened on the button for (non-zero)
– Sawmill
– One big forest
– Buying fields
– Traffic
– And much, much more, but you will learn about themselves.

Warminska_Wies.zip – 297.9 MB

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