On the map you can find very many fields the helpers are friendly. There are also some that you have to edit without assistance. There are plenty of meadows for mowing.
Ideal for a contracting company or also with friends to play or alone it makes capricious.

On this map you can find:
– A main courtyard with cows and pigs.
– A Rinderhof with horizontal silo and grain storage.
– Drive the milk itself to selling point.
– Get thee seed and fertilizer from BIOCARE the courtyard. You can store it in storage.
– The pigs you can from outside the Heugebläse with grass, feed silage. Straw is förderband a Fliegl in the stable distribution
– Water you can fill up at the fountain or the faucet.
– Straw You can sell the land trade.
– You can do next to the shop to wood chips.
– If you can BIOCARE straw to manure make (Input: Water, straw Output: crap).
– On the Map manure storage are distributed so that you can the fields fertilizing Produktiever.
– Logs can be sold at BayWa cereals.
– You can store straw and grass in straw.
– Pallets You can (pallets) in BIOCARE at the ramp
– Seedlings you can at BIOCARE rear right Buy.


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