Westbridge Forest Map V 4.0 Final


This is my edit of Westbridge Hills, I have added the lumber mill and forest tree’s and extra’s.
Added Lumber train and grain train. I have deleted some fields and reshaped some fields.
I have added a feed stock with conveyors to the cow area and added water mod for cows, sheep, and chickens.
Removed some buildings and added some. the pda has been altered to suit ..
I have run it without error for several weeks and have found no problems. Tested in mulitplayer, no problems either.
Moved cow zone added digital display for silo’s and futterlager, new conveyors including manure, added silage pit at cow zone,
added mixing station, now has pigs and beef also slaughter house. manure and slurry sales.
Wool pallet collector, Compost Factory and much much more, you will have to see. 😉
You will have to start a new save game, sorry. There has been a lot of changed textures and new buildings


WestbridgeForestV4UNPACK.zip – 465.4 MB

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4 Responses

  1. Freestate Farmer says:

    Great job. Thanx.

  2. ama299 says:

    This is odd. The newest version of this map is 4.1, and this post 4.0 Final is NOT on the mod site that the author is active on. mmmm I know this map very well sense it is the only map I play on.

  3. Freestate Farmer says:

    Good Question!! Who is the real author? John666? I’m playing this one and so far good. Is it a copy-cat?

  4. wills03 says:

    I noticed that you cannot fully clear the silage out by where the cows are. I know this is an issue with this map in the stock version at the bio gas plant. Any way to fix it?

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