Welcome to the Farm Westbrigde
Installed have cattle u. pig, Multifruit, GMK-MOD, Guellelager, WoolPaletteCollector, limited grain storage, CoppedStraw, feed stores and Wassermod.
The yard is completely changed, BGA changed and added some Forests.
The map has 25 fields and some meadows. You start with 3 fields and a fleet of 3 tugs and 1 Drescher
The cows barn and the cattle and pigs are in the yard available.The station at Hof and BGA needs will be filled. Prices for box products I lowered. The granary has 500000l capacity
In some halls of UPK Park trigger is installed. (No switching through with Tap button as long as the vehicle is in the hall)

Darkbolt Marhu Hektiker (Kuhstall) Geneborg Texturen Kastor

DOWNLOAD Westfarm.zip – 475.7 MB

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3 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    This map doesn’t show up in my mods in-game. I’ve tried both leaving it as a ZIP and extracting the folder, no luck. Anyone else had this issue, if so, how did you/have you been able to solve it?

  2. Popz says:

    This is the best remake of Westbridge I have seen yet.
    Great job ! Bravo !

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