Western Star 4900 with Great Dayne Trailers Pepsi Edition White Truck


Western Star 4900 plus Great Dayne Trailers they hold bread backwaren h-milch yogurt kaese quark hops potato sugarBeet Bier strawberries cucumbers tomatoes cherries plums apples and have locking script.

Converted to FS15 by ArcticWolfModding truck by Randy H.(TorqueWrench1) Trailers by RaFa

WesternStar_plus_GreatDayne_PepsiSkin_white_.zip – 95.3 MB

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  1. Caleb says:

    Beautiful truck! the outside is wonderful work. I wish the trailers could hold more than just two types of fruit tho instead of beets and something else i forgot but wow the truck shocked me! They may hold more fruit like the ones listed but for the accepted fruit types on the menu it only shows 2 however im not running any modded fruits, just vanilla stuff. The truck tho 5/5

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