Hello, My name Mareck am 12 years old and want to show you today my first map representation.
the Map called Zachow a place in Poland because where my mother comes from.
the map is a BETA yet, and I will continue aussbauen
What’s it all
standart fruits
Rye, oats, clover, alfalfa
Sugar factory, potato sales, BGA, flour mill, a large yard.
The plan I have a slaughterhouse I’m putting ….. there everything will move and rotate with dissection prepared meat product and it is bleeding tiles ….
cattle fattening and pigs come then added ……
the more I can not remember a what to write ….. I prefer wallet …. my big role model is Andy who built the Schoenebeck …… would later be twice as good
Have fun from the Zachow Beta Version

mareck12j – 793.7 MB

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