ZIL-164N MMZ + TRAILER PACK V1.2 for FS 2015



Truck for Farming Simulator 2015 Mod ZIL-164N MMZ truck-tractor gait motion proâvlâet dust and leaves traces. The Operating than pribornaâ panel and Svetotehnika, eunuchs and fan engine.

Complete with é features eight semi-trailers. The utility semi naraŝivaûtsâ borta, can drive a log. Volume in the care depends on the type of shipping. Trailer for transportation of pigs and calves. Semi razbryzgivaniâ Liquid Fertilizer on the sheets, transport bales. Transportation and filling GSM, milk and water. Transport and Brevet tral for transportation vehicles.

cars ZIL-MMZ-164N: Modell / Textur: xaker_tm, Zombi88888.
Edit fs 2013 / Scripting: Silak_68, werika.
Semi Authors: Modell / Textur: newuser, Mythbuster, Giants, Silak_68, werika.
Converted / Help: Northern_Strike, Stalker Edit / Scripting: Silak_68, werika.
Author envelope in fs 15: wraith72
Mod created by: wraith72

zil_mmz_164n_2.zip – 19.8 MB

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