Zugtransportset v1.0





Hello, I want to introduce “Ingo_s_Zugtransportset_Test_Mod”.
What can this Mod_Pack? a lot 🙂
and although you can order: -Gleise embarrassed
-All freight transport
Just driving around -or as you like Spassssss and explore the world

extract it to the Mod_Ordner of LS15
so that’s it for the rest of the pictures say ….
or you just try out this pack …. 🙂
One more thing, comments can be submitted, which have a meaning to this pack, otherwise I will be forced to take further action.
MfG Ingo210578


Ingo_s_Zugtransportset_Test_Mod.zip – 20.5 MB

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  1. aidanbiker says:

    I installed the mod and unzipped everything but it doesn’t show up in the store. It says that the mod is active but i cant see it anywhere.

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