First of all: These mods are for those who miss the devices from Amazon and will work with you / want to play, because there are these devices. The mods do not correspond 100% to the LS17 standard.

= English =
– New textures by Stemse
– Choose your Design when buying (default are the new textures)
– ZA-M 1501: open the plane to load fertilizer, fillVolume is not 100% perfect but for those who need it
– New store pictures

I myself prefer it if there is a wide variety of different devices of the same type in the game. Be it only different brands, or different sizes. Therefore, I have converted the “missing” devices of the brand from the Amazon LS15 in the LS17 and combined into one Amazone fertilizer / sprayer Modpack.
What is included?
Amazone UF 1801 24m syringe
Amazone ZA-M 1501 Mineral spreaders 26m
Amazone ZG-B 8200, 26m Trailed fertilizer spreader

Modell: GIANTS Software
Textur: GIANTS Software, Stemse
Script: GIANTS Software
Idee / Konzept: GIANTS Software, amhh
Tester: amhh

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