Foreword: It is time, we have finished for you the first map for the Ls17 finished.

ChangeLog v2.2
– Credits list expanded
– Texture problem solved with the Grasswurst!
– The helper should now work properly on all fields
– Missions points for fields 4 and 5 revised
– The cowshed must be emptied now!
– Start vehicles modified
– The Kuhtrog now likes Grassballen 🙂
– Completely new Terainlayer created including fields, Grass u.s.w 8 |
– Nuggets redistributed (was too easy!)
– CCM added to the BGA (Requires CCM Mod!)
– Various cosmetics
– PDA Map revised
– particles on the silo

Siehe ausgiebiger Credits.txt in dem Map Datei
Schaltbare Lichter – Niggels

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