This is a mod I found a good while back for fs 15 It was a great looking model but was full of errors and call stacks so I just put it up in my mod zip file storage folder till about a week ago I ran across it and thought man that would be a sweet one to get up and running right So I decided to tackle the conversion and cleaning up errors its been days of work but here it is converted to fs 17 and prefectly clean log file
Things done
cleaned errors & texture warnings
had to replace all lights so headlights are now zenon 6000k diamond white
added red texture to the brake calipers so they would stand out over the rest of crome inside wheels
Fixed mirrors
split mod up into two mods now availble in black or red still one folder
has bed light
iluminated licence plate
And A whole bunch of fine tuning that I want get into dont want to ramble on here
Oh And Before Anyone Gets there pants In a Wad because they cant seem to read aurthor tab from my research I spent 2 hrs seaching making sure I got the right credits to whom they are suppost to and everything leads back to Ben Smith As the builder but if that aint so Just Let me Know In Comments Politely. People get mods remove names and put there own names in all the time and then you expect us to figure out who done what if Ben smith is not the Author and and you are good great mod model but dont bitch at me for shit that cant be helped some of us do the best we can to give all credits thats due and still some cant read that Author tab so its all right here
Oh And Have fun with the mod I think I have fould my new favorite mod for the farm as far as pickups goes.

Ben Smith, Thunderhawk09 FS 17 Conversion

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