Moin love LS Community,

The following has been done:
– Collision in the BGA Fahsiliowände now available and grass falls no longer to the side …
– Goldnuggets redistributed again (the others were too far outside and were therefore not displayed on the map)
– Makification of road (at the cattle trade)
– Flying newspaper and wooden sign fixed
– Edeka shield and football field completes
– BGA trigger at biosgas is passable but can not be filled by the trailer yet
– More grass on roads and field edges
– “AI” function works also in the MP
– small things …..
Thanks for your signature and error message 🙂
Have fun with the new version.

Idee / Konzept: dani1803 / FedActionLetsPlay
Sonstige: Die Map darf gerne aber bitte nur mit dem Orginal Download Link auf anderen Seiten veröffentlicht werden.

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