Moin love LS Community,

Version 1.2
Thank you for your messages. It goes with a new version and I have some bugs fixed again.
– gates at the cow stall
– Fence at the cow stall work
– New collimap so helpers do not always turn in the field
– Dirt plans of sheep and cows now available
– From bridge to the dike drive now works
– Some DediServer problem with blank in textures fixed
– Chopped Straw mod is running
– Display from the camps (yard silo and straw storage) now no longer in the PDA price overview.
– Double parking cars at the baker fixed
– Sale by Angagen at BGA Nord now possible
– Little things …..

Have fun and gladly announce if what strikes.

Idee / Konzept: dani1803 / FedActionLetsPlay
Sonstige: Die Map darf gerne aber bitte nur mit dem Orginal Download Link auf anderen Seiten veröffentlicht werden.

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