With GlobalMarket you can exchange goods between different games and thus trade.
A global store is managed on a server. There you can connect to the “global” store and buy all sorts of goods like wheat, silage or even finished pig feed, which was previously stored by other players or, of course, by you, there.

The mod consists of 3 parts.
1. A placeable “Global Storage”. This is a modified hay store. All goods can be sold and bought. Of course, sold goods are paid and the goods collected must be paid for.
2. Manage the “globalMarket” script to manage the level of the placed “GlobalStorage” and write any changes to an xml file
3. The client software that scans the xml document and matches the content with the server.

So you can now exchange between different game / servers, etc. Goods.
A detailed guide is attached to the mod. (Readme file)

Have fun with it.


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