JOHN DEERE 8520/8530 USA PACK V1.0



Hi there, Ghost here. This is conversion of my tractors from FS15. It’s 1.0 version and I released it as a test version. Right now I’m working on version 2.0 with new functions etc. It have almost all functions from 15 and new customization by shop options. Test it and give some feedback in comment. Enjoy

Sotillo, Bjohn14, VMV Modding, mati7766, Rysiu77, roller90, Jdfan, Bcbuhler, Travis Dietz for Degelman blade
Total edit by Ghost

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  1. Pether says:

    Hi there!
    Is it possible for you to release the JD 7930 final V fr.o.m. FS 15 to FS 17!
    We are waiting for that tractor, it is one of the best mods we had in farming simulator!
    Best regards fr.o.m. FS Sweden team!

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