Krampe Bandit 750_V2 blackbuty V 2.0


– car completely taken apart in Maya and parts rebuilt
– Hydraulic hoses at the front of the belt and rear with display created and installed
– Tarpaulin in Maya worked and adjusted and installed with function
– Plane ready for purchase
– Mounting brackets for the straps
– Position lights and taillights replaced by new ones
– Reflectors exchanged
– Spray protection installed with Krampe advertising
– New Krampe advertising at the unloading flap installed and old deleted
– completely new lighting technology installed by “LS 17 LED Tuning”
– LED optics and reflective lights on the dumper seen from the Coronas
– Round luminaires installed on the unloading flap
– Lightbeams installed on the rear light
– Indicator “LS 17” with a normal map and license light installed
– 2 tire tires – Standard tires without tire marking / broad tires with inscription
– air pressure of the tires changed
– Color selection for rims installed
– Prices changed
– Small obtical things, like broom and shovel
– Hydraulic connections installed (still without function)

Ahran von Bavaria Modding

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