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Version 1.2
– Tensioning straps added for loading. On the gripper there are now tensioning straps, which can accept objects with the “L” key. For example pallets, bigpacks, fertilizer tanks. These can then be loaded with the crane without problems on a trailer. Thanks to Sugurugt from DDModPassion for help with the realization! Also unloading is no problem. The crates do not stick together or something.
Note: this function is NOT designed for tree trunks. It is possible in the theory also these with the belt to fix, however, it then comes to ugly graphic errors of the belts. For cranes the crane is there!
I wish you all a happy new year with this version;)

Here I present you my second version of the Heckkran Mod. Since the Palfinger some complained that the supports do not extend far enough, I have once again designed a complete substructure. This time, the Ponsse crane from Bufallo served as a construction.
Note: this is NOT a reality mod for purists! It’s a fun mod. If she does not like it, she just does not download it!

The mod offers the following features:
– extendable supports (animation is tried again to improve!)
Ponsse Decals
– 3-point mount for front and rear of all tractors. But it is recommended to use a large tractor because of the size!
– Shop graphic
– Hanger couplings for large and small trailers
– Camera
– working lights

Modell: Giants / Endless Dark
Textur: Giants
Script: Endless Dark
Idee / Konzept: Endless Dark

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