The Rattle Snake Valley map is heavily influenced on this beautiful area of Montana. With the map been a 4 x default size you will need to chose the correct machinery in order to take on this demanding roll, you will need to take care of your animals and make sure they are well fed so keeping up with your crop production is really important.
Along with that the area relies on local support especially in the forests. Working the forest areas is really tough work with long bumby tracks you will need to deal with and bringing the right setup is what will help you deal with this tough environment. With some typical large fields hiring staff to help out is a vital move if you want to make this farm work.


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  1. MikeH says:

    Nice map! Thanks for all you work. I do have one suggestion. The roadways are very narrow with “hard points” all along the way. This makes it difficult to move harvesters without all the extra work of buying a header trailer. Just a suggestion.

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