Ladies and gentlemen,
with joy I can share them with that SimuRadio17 is officially out.
One of the renewals is example. the integierte Youtube Downloader, even if he immoment can only download videos.

TV channels:
SimuRadio17 has a station list users can add sender and thereby share it with others.
Only Links supports can be performed with the Media Player, if a link does not work once it informs us later directly from the program possible.
Important note: As the transmitters for all are visible in the list are not allowed Wrong left to add insults addition! This is the rundown of the function punished.!
Ps: files that have been added over the [+] button will not be displayed publicly for all, you will only see you in the list.

Modell: Nico.B,Jahn.V
Textur: Nico.B,Jahn.V
Script: Nico.B,Jahn.V
Idee / Konzept: Nico.B
Tester: Nico.B,Jahn.V
Sonstige: Nico.B,Jahn.V

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