FS15 Big Mods Pack V7 Amazone Pack V1

The Pack consist of 12 FS15 Amazone Mods:
* Amazone EDX 6000 TC Seeder
* Amazone EDX 9000 Seeder
* Amazone AD-P 403 Super Seeder
* Amazone Catros 5500 Cultivator
* Amazone Catros 6001 Cultivator
* Amazone Cenius 3002 Cultivator
* Amazone UX 11200 Sprayer
* Amazone UX 5200 Sprayer
* Amazone UF 1801 XL Sprayer
* Amazone Pantera 4502 Sprayer
* Amazone ZGB 8200 TDW Fertilizer Sprayer
* Amazone Profihopper Mower

Authors: Guagi, Tob€y, nocsy, e-3D Modding, AgriXL Modding, Val Ls mods, FarmerTimothy, bertram-79, THE BOOGEYMAN, Timber131, matth, zaphiro1530, Stevie, Mr_Ras
Pack created: vydka

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